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Here is a list of women’s fashion clothing store in Boston metro area, make your self look fashionable by get the cloths according to your fashion and budget. Here is a list where you can find women’s clothing at your location.

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Get to Know the Difference in Ancient Traditional Wear and Recent Fashion Industries

Discovery comes to an end when the search is over and everything starts all over again from the beginning. The Indian clothing and fashion industry is going through a regressive phase to find and design exotic wardrobes that connect with current trends.

Today’s modern fashion is gradually tweaking their way of wardrobe production to traditional methods incorporating contemporary style patterns.

Like in the beginning of ancient tradition, where Maharaja’s used to employ dedicated hand weavers for their sumptuous clothing designs, today’s Indian clothing industries have been reviving old traditional wears such as

  • Dhoti, Saree, Kurta, Salwar Kameez, Sherwani, Patola, lehenga, modja, Patiala pajami, Chetmundu, Bihu, Mekhala and Chanya choli.

A series of hand-woven textiles of wide variety can be seen in textile stores. Drawn by the prices of western civilizations, several designs of authentic drapes and rich embroidered fabrics are being made.

We have a lot of popular clothing stores in India that sell some of the most sought after traditional apparels such as Choli, long-sleeved blouses with frills, achkan, a long-sleeved coat etc. Let us take a look at few places in India that are known for producing largely consumed Indian traditional clothes.

Kanjeevaram aka Kancheepuram

Most of the exclusive and spectacular silk sarees in India are manufactured from this city in Tamilnadu near Chennai.

Kancheepuram is highly celebrated for its myriads of extensive sarees for over 400 years. Prominent Indian clothing stores across India seek different kind of designer sarees from Kancheepuram.

An astonishing feature of Kanjeevaram is its Zari. Zari is typically with thread made of silver or fine gold. These Zari design can be found in the beautifully

  • Weaved borders of Kancheepuram sarees.

Along with the changing trends that are taken back to historical styles, Kanjeevaram weavers are now looking to explore new designs by referring to the patterns of ancient Indian epics including The Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata.


Mysore silk sarees in the district of Karnataka are popular for traditional designs and patterns. Unlike the basic nature of silk sarees, the Mysore silk sarees can be washed very often and worn. The border designs tend to provide a sense of sophistication making the drape more elegant.


Kerala sarees are meant for its unique nature and it is being revived by a lot of neighbourhood fashion industries as people have strong penchant for it.

While majority of traditional clothing revivals concentrate on women wardrobes, Men’s traditional clothing focuses on

  • Dhoties, Kurtas and Lungies.

Apart from conservative traditional clothing, tribal costumes also find its market in Indian traditional clothing stores.

A three-piece hand-woven phanek (eri) along with a blouse and Men’s lungi which looks like a single piece of cloth comes under typical Manipuri wardrobe.

Naga tribes can be classified into 16 categories and with respect to their respective language and dialects, their traditional costumes are available in selective Indian clothing stores specialized in selling tribal outfits.

Yet other popularly recognised tribes are from Tripura. They stitch their own clothes at home that represent their unique culture and tradition.

Men’s wear a turban surrounded by a cloth tied around their head along with a narrow piece of cloth which they wear as an under garment. Tripuri men’s don’t wear shirts.

Women who belong to Tripura wear two separate pieces of cloth as a part of their wardrobe. Each of the two separate pieces of clothes will be worn around the upper and lower parts of their body and the drapes would look unique and elegant. Of the two distinct parts, the upper part of the drape will be significantly noteworthy in their style that is embroidered with amazing designs.

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